For better or worse, we’re creatures of habit. But what they don’t tell you is that habits are difficult to form. This 21 day stuff isn’t really the whole story. It’s actually more like 90.


Because we drop the ball as human beings. Consistency doesn’t always happen. And when we do fail it’s too easy for us to give up and not pick the ball back up again. Low motivation days become even lower, and finally we feel like we can’t hit our goals at all — or worse — just aren’t worthy of them at all.

For example, when I first got into running. Was I automatically running 10 minute miles? Oh heck no! There were some days where I felt like I didn’t even get out of bed. And there were some days where I just didn’t. And I would beat up on myself. Until I started to realize that there was another C word more important than consistency: Commitment.

I could choose when I fell down to get back up. I could re-commit myself to that goal. And better yet, I could make sure that goal was sustainable to begin with, evaluate my mistakes, and create a new and improved plan to tackle it.

Here are some steps to get back on track and create a recommitment plan that works for you. 

Forgive Yourself For “Blowing It.”

The more you think about “blowing it,” the more you are allowing doubt to creep into your mind. If this is a long-term goal, the only way that this is going to work is if you believe in yourself. And the truth is, you’re human. There will be setbacks. But you can and WILL course-correct as needed. Does that give you permission to totally veer from the plan? Absolutely not. But don’t beat on yourself for not always being perfect. Perfection is an illusion.

Remember “Why”

If you commit to a goal, sit and think long and hard about what you will gain if you stay the course. If you’re starting a new diet or workout plan, think about how great you will feel. If you’re working on your business, imagine how you’ll feel crossing the six-figure mark and finally going on that dream vacation. Imagine having your name on a service or product you’re super proud of. (For me, it was such a rush turning in my manuscript to the publisher last week!)

Allow Yourself To Recommit

If you fell off your schedule, it’s time to get back on it! Be realistic about what you can do sustainably. Don’t overdo it, because with over-exertion comes burnout.

Plan To Succeed 

Floating through your day to day isn’t going to bring you any closer to your goals than where you’re at now. If you want to hit your goal and build a solid habit around it, you need to think about how you want to implement it. Create an alarm on your phone or calendar reminders. Stick post-it notes next to your computer. Or, come up with something more tangible. Do whatever is going to help you stay on track. 

Take Baby Steps

The more you can automate the process to just happen, the better. If you’re trying to save more money, have a percentage of your check deposited into your savings instead of your checking account. Or, put your running shoes next to your front door. Create a process that makes it easier instead of harder. 

Add Variety

Doing the same thing every day gets old. For example, eating the same thing every day would be a huge overkill on your diet. By adding some variety to your habits, it can incentivize you to keep going. 

Tell Someone

Telling someone about your goals makes it real. Plus, it keeps you accountable when the going gets rough. Whether it be a friend, family member, mentor, or partner, find someone who cares about you and supports your endeavors. Everybody needs a support system.

Hope this helps! Need some more insights? Let’s get on a strategy call.

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