Fit To Profit helps entrepreneurs and executive leaders achieve peak performance in life and business to maximize profitability and personal fulfillment.

Our Vision For Your Life and Business

  • You will break through the real and perceived obstacles to achieving peak performance in work and life.
  • You will grow your wealth, without compromising your well-being.
  • You will interrupt cycles of dependency and reclaim mastery over your own destiny, living more fully and confidently.
  • You will discover the you that’s been there all along.

    Together, we’ll get you fit to profit.

Staci Lipsitz

Robin Bourdeau

Our Values And Culture


We invest for the long-term, and our clients become our friends. We know relationships drive everything, and that’s why we recognize and celebrate our shared humanity. Character is our currency. We traffic in trust, candor and kindness


There’s no problem we can’t solve. There’s no adversity (seen or unseen, spoken or unspoken) that we cannot overcome. We’re relentless in our belief that we all deserve happiness and prosperity and that we all can achieve these things.


No one gets free by working a job — no matter their salary or title. We believe that to live one’s full potential and profit from one’s work requires self-determination. Freedom comes when we shift the paradigm of work and give everyone the access and tools to labor without losing themselves.


We stare down internal and external challenges, taking no easy outs. Against seemingly insurmountable odds, we show courage. We relish the struggle, because we yearn for what’s on the other side.


We tell the truth to ourselves and others. By assessing our strengths and weaknesses honestly, we grow and improve. Integrity is a hallmark of our community.


No one succeeds all on their own, and attempting to do so is futile. Together with our clients and fellow coaches, we’re challenging the belief that profitability for some must come at the expense of others. We are proving that it’s possible to create even greater abundance through our collective efforts.