Fit to Profit helps Coaches and consultants achieve and maintain peak performance in both life and business. Are you ready to scale? It’s time to maximize your profits AND fulfillment.

Our Vision For Your Life and Business

    • You will build a life and a business that you love by aligning your long-term vision with your daily actions.
    • You will invest in your well-being each day to grow your self-worth and increase your net worth.
    • You will interrupt any unhealthy patterns holding you back from living your best life.
    • You will discover the you that’s been there all along.


Together, we’ll get you FIT TO PROFIT.

Staci Lipsitz

Robin Bourdeau

Our Values And Culture


Our clients become our friends, and we are together for the long-haul. We are brave, kind, and honest, always.


There’s no problem we can’t solve. There’s no adversity (seen or unseen, spoken or unspoken) that we cannot overcome. We’re relentless in achieving happiness and prosperity for all.


No one gets free by working a job — no matter their salary or title. Self-determination is the foundation for a good life. Freedom comes when we achieve the ability to create wealth without sacrificing our well-being.


Self-love requires courage and compassion. We stare down internal and external challenges, taking no easy outs. We let nothing stand in the way of our goals. We relish the struggle, because we yearn for what’s on the other side.


We tell the truth to ourselves and others. By assessing our strengths and weaknesses honestly, we grow and improve. Integrity is a hallmark of our community.


No one succeeds all on their own. We challenge the belief that success for some must come at the expense of others. We create greater abundance through our collective efforts.