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We understand that our approach to coaching is unique and we may not be a fit for everyone. Fit To Profit programs are rigorous with the intention to create results for our clients. It’s a dynamic partnership that fosters skill development, mastery in key areas such as communication, leadership, and decision-making. 

Our clients are our friends and long-term success partners so it’s imperative that our values and philosophy are in alignment in the creation of a purpose driven business. We only work with committed CEOs who want to be the BEST at what they do while contributing to the world as a whole. 

With a dedicated performance coach by your side you will be ready to unlock your full potential. 

We work closely with you throughout this journey so we can learn exactly what makes you tick, discover new opportunities for your business, and build upon existing strengths. We want to help you succeed creating a win-win situation for us all.

Our approach to supporting our clients is unlike anything else. We know you love your business, but you also started it with a grand vision for your life. Your business should support the lifestyle of your dreams, not turn into a glorified JOB (no matter how much you like ‘the boss’). 

Private Coaching

We believe that every business is unique no matter the industry, private coaching is a one-on-one coaching experience that is designed to meet the business owner where he or she is personally and professionally. This intimate setting also provides the client with direct and daily access to personalized guidance, support, and accountability, ensuring consistent growth, clear direction and iteration towards company goals.



We believe that we’re better together, group coaching is an opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Our expert guidance and tailored strategies are designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration. We help you develop practical skills, hold you accountable, track progress with regular group check-ins to ensure continuous results as a community and as an individual business owner. 

Motivational Speaking

DeDee will speak in your place of work or at your event to motivate you and your employees to help you define your purpose, find clarity in your mission and help you define action steps to reach your goals in business, while maintaining your health and a thriving personal life. 


Trust Always Wins

I had some mindset drama around charging my new rates, but I trusted DeDee and took her advice anyway. And I sold a 5K package just like that! The client didn’t question it at all. I’m grateful to have DeDee remind me of my worth and the value of my work.

Aliya Levison
CEO of Aliya Levinson Coaching
Author of How to Win with Will Power

Client Robin Bourdeau

Robin Bourdeau

Client Robin Bourdeau

Robin Bourdeau

Melissa Henry

Client Terry Fischer

Terri Fischer