What would life look like if you gave yourself your best every day?
Would you feel more confident and accomplished? Would the people around you be happier with the person they see in front of them every day? Would it change how much energy you have to take on new challenges or get through any obstacles that come your way? The answer is a resounding yes.

With everything going on in my life, from the book launch to co-hosting a 21-day-long summit for Fear to Freedom, I’ve been thinking a lot about what accountability means to me. And with that, I have a confession to make.

I’ve struggled for the longest time when it came to showing up for myself and giving my best. In fact, I still do. Just the other day, I was riding a Peloton bike and the instructor gave us a speed range. I found myself at the lower end of the range, instead of striving for a little faster. I know I could physically do it, but it wouldn’t have been comfortable. When starting tasks for pieces of projects, I find myself putting in the bare minimum effort for a viable result. I don’t claim to be a perfect human being. I’m very much still in practice. But being accountable to yourself and making sure you give your all is very much about being and staying mindful of what is going on in your present.

And the thing is, when you don’t give yourself your 100% best effort, it starts to chip away at your confidence in your abilities. It’s detrimental to your growth. Because it would be one thing if you gave your absolute best but still didn’t hit a goal, right? But since you know it wasn’t your best, you put less and less of your own skin in the game.

And that’s where the cycle of self-doubt starts. So how do you break it? How can we start to give ourselves our best every day and be accountable for what is going on in front us, right now? It all comes down to being mindful about your actions. That means taking responsibility not just about the things we’ve done but also those that are still left undone.

So how do you give yourself a confidence boost in your abilities? When you find yourself stuck in a rut, take a second to really visualize what you want your life to be like. How do you want this particular task to end? Is it a small part of a bigger picture, like your business? To have quality results in both business and your personal life, you have to commit to putting in quality effort. Push yourself to take that extra leap that will make the final result really shine.

Want some extra accountability guidance? Schedule a free consultation call! Together we’ll create a customized action plan to get you on the right track with making (and keeping) promises to yourself. Together, we’ll get you FIT TO PROFIT.

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