I was inspired to launch my coaching business for so many reasons. But ultimately, it came down to me wanting something scalable to support my family and our lifestyle. Especially lately with my involvement in many projects simultaneously, it has been a challenge to maintain balance. But ultimately, taking care of myself and my family are non negotiable. And to meet everyone’ needs, I have to be at my best. So my self-care becomes an automatic factor.

If you’re starting your business just to make money, all power to you. You can’t have a business without income, right? But I’m here to tell you that your business is designed to serve you and your priorities, not the other way around. If you are just focused on making bank, you will be hustling until the end of time. And I can tell you for firsthand experience, you will burn out at 3 years, 5 at the max with nothing to show for. And going back to get a job would be your future.

You have to take time to regularly focus on yourself. And trust me, I know it’s hard. Especially if you have a family and young children screaming “MAMA!!!” all the time. There is more to you than your kids and business. And if you’re feeling especially burnt out between the two, you’re not taking care of yourself. If you are reading this it’s time to get your priorities straight. It might mean sacrificing some money initially for your own sanity, it might mean having to disappoint some people in the process. Time is of the essence you can’t afford to wait any longer. Here’s some ways you can show up for your family and business without sacrificing yourself.

Make sure you get at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night.

You can’t be an effective mom and entrepreneur if your body is running on fumes!  When your body’s taken care of, so is your brain. It makes a difference in how well you can think when it comes to executing your to-dos, as well as how effectively you can be in making the right decisions to propel your business forward, not to mention being able to keep your stress level at bay. Yes, some of us are night owls. Going to bed late affects you physically, mentally, emotionally. I know I get super irritable when I don’t have enough sleep. Not only does my business take a hit, my relationship with my loved one suffers. And day after day it piles up and it becomes a mountain of guilt. You don’t want to move through the days of your life with that baggage. Trust me I know that feeling well. So go to bed early and on time every night, get up earlier than the rest of your household to spend some time for yourself. This may seem very basic and it is, but from my experience working with my clients it is not always the case. 

Plan out your week.

It’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough time in the day, but if you spend one hour Friday night or the last hour of your working week to plan for the next week, it can make a huge difference. This way you can enjoy your day off without guilt, you would feel confident knowing what’s in store the next week. I also recommend “time blocking” if you’re a novice planner. Use a planner or bullet journal and carve out a specific amount of time during each day for similar tasks. It’ll actually help you become more efficient.

Take time to breathe.

It’s not selfish to care about your own mental health. It will ultimately make you a better mom, wife, friend, etc., with less stress in the long run! I recommend having another adult around to watch the kids so it’s uninterrupted (and for safety purposes). Ask your spouse, family, or even a friend to help you out for a little while. It’s okay, and it’s not selfish at all to care about your own mental health. You are human and everyone needs time to decompress sometimes. It will ultimately make you a better mom, wife, friend, etc., with less stress and more joy.

Do something you enjoy outside of the home, every single day (even if it’s just 15 minutes).

If you’re inside your house 90% of the time (like most of us have been the last year), you need to plan some time to get out. Even if you’re just looking at nature or spending time watching people, it’s better than staying in and going stir-crazy. Find something you enjoy that sparks your inner creative, and let her thrive. It’ll help spark new ideas and get your brain working more effectively. If you can’t get out for whatever reason, make sure you treat yourself to at least one “you” time activity you enjoy –– whether it’s cooking, reading a book, dancing to music, or taking a bubble bath with some wine (my favorite). Just make sure it involves self-care.

Take a one hour lunch break away from your desk each day.

We’ve all been there. We’re into working so hard on something that we forget to eat, and so we pull out a quick meal and eat it at our desk while we’re still working. But actually, distracted eating isn’t helpful to your body. In fact, it can actually add to weight gain. Dedicating thirty minutes to an hour to properly fuel your body will actually give you even better work quality when you come back.

Reflection Time

What is your current self-care routine? What do you feel like you need more of to be at your best for yourself and those around you every day?

Let us know about it in Authentic Entrepreneurs on Facebook! I want to hear from all of you. Feel like you need some extra support? Let’s create a dedicated game plan together.


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