I am absolutely in love with my business, because it allows me to connect with people and learn new things in ways I never would have otherwise. Let me explain. While browsing on Facebook, working with my team, I scrolled by a post of this woman explaining what it meant to be “funcomfortable.”

It was a weird, interesting term, so I scrolled back up to see what she meant. Her definition, and the one for the purpose of this post, is: “Trusting your impulse to be childlike OR leading yourself into situations that stimulate your growth edge.” (And honestly, for me and those I know, oftentimes it’s very much both simultaneously.)

Finding Your Flow

Everyone has at least one thing that pushes them into what’s called a “Flow” state. It’s where we are most optimal, doing the thing that interests us the most. Usually it’s something you’re great at and that comes very easy to you compared to others. But it’s not always. Sometimes, it’s just an activity that gives you child-like joy. For me, it’s yoga or running. But there are also plenty of people who combine their flow state activities into their businesses or careers. When you’re able to integrate that not only into your personal life, but in your business as well, you’re able to perform at your very best. That love and joy will amaze everyone, including yourself.

Trusting Your Inner-Child

Every single day, the world tells us “no.” And that there’s a certain way that we should be instead of how we actually are. Believe it or not, you’ve been conditioned this way since you were about 10, maybe even earlier. When we tap into our inner-child, we are allowing ourselves to think outside of the box in bold and creative ways. Of course we still need to keep our responsibility in tact. But by blending the two, we are at our best as leaders. It becomes easier to take on new challenges and changes in our lives. We find untapped potential and gifts that we forgot we had. We learn even quicker and we experiment to see what happens. But most importantly, when we are in-tune with our inner-child, we are more trusting — in others, in the process, and in ourselves.

Stimulating Your Growth Edge

Being comfortable as an entrepreneur is actually business cancer. You’re stuck in a rut. You’re doing the same things over and over again, and you’re not thinking much about how you can evolve your business and prep it for the times ahead. Because things are fine right now, right? They won’t always be. You have to grow and shift yourself and your business in order to hit the next goal. Because what got you to where you are now, won’t get you to where you want to be later.

There are two ways to stimulate your growth edge:

– Change what you’re doing, or

– Change where you are.

Neither of these options are easy. You have to be comfortable with the discomfort and embrace it for future success. A lot can change in a year — even six months — but at least if you’re planning ahead and know the changes that could be coming in your industry, you’ll be prepared.

The Benefits of Being “Funcomfortable”

  • You’re able to pivot quickly when necessary
  • You don’t fall victim to complacency
  • You can maintain a certain level of creativity while still growing professionally.
  • You’re fulfilled and happy in every aspect of your life
  • You have a sense of purpose and balance

Being “Funcomfortable” isn’t always fun and easy as you start making it a new practice. You have to give yourself permission to allow flow and ease into your life, as well as permission to stretch yourself and invite some initial chaos in. That’s the challenging part. But myself and my team are here 24/7 to support you in your growth. Need help finding the balance between fun and uncomfortable? Schedule your breakthrough call today.

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