Perfectionism is a killer – it can keep you from taking action and reaching your goals. It isn’t all bad, but sometimes it can be detrimental to your success, especially as a mompreneur. Perfectionists tend to thrive on control: we’re the ones who have to do everything, be in control of every situation and take care of everyone else before we can attend to our own needs. But unfortunately, getting caught up in our need for control and wanting things to be “just right” before moving on can cause analysis paralysis. When you’re able to let go of being right, you’ll be surprised at how simple having a flourishing business and satisfying family life can actually be.

Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes

Perfectionists are very black and white thinkers. We tend to think in terms of all or nothing, win or lose, good or bad, etc., so we often dwell on the worst-case scenarios that could happen if we fail at something. But “failure” is actually the best avenue to growth. It teaches us lessons, so that we can improve and not make the same mistakes in the future. Feedback can be seen as a gift, and we can use it to our advantage.

Make a List of What Needs to Be Done and Prioritize the Tasks

Perfectionists have a hard time cutting the fat when it comes to things on our to do lists. We’ll add more and more tasks each day, thinking that if we don’t complete all of them, then we aren’t getting anything important done. Perfectionists are notorious multi-taskers who think they can get everything done in record  time. But the problem is, we’re not efficient at doing several things at once and constantly switch our focus from one thing to another, which makes it more difficult for us to complete a task in a timely manner. It’s important to make a list of everything that needs doing, and prioritize every task. For example, using a tool like the Eisenhower Matrix will give you a clearer picture of where you stand. And as always, if it can be delegated don’t hesitate to give those tasks to somebody else.

Allow Yourself Time Away from Your Work Every Day

Perfectionists think they don’t deserve any time for themselves. We’ll sacrifice our sanity on the alter of working harder and thinking we’re doing good for others by shoving every minute of the day into the tasks we need to get done, leaving little time to relax or spend with friends and family. Perfectionists are often over achievers and have a hard time balancing all of the things we want to accomplish. We feel as though if we allow ourselves some down time in order to recharge, then people might think less of us. This is absolutely not true, and honestly you’ll start to resent yourself and others if you don’t let yourself recharge those batteries. Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being takes priority over work always. This isn’t a mentality  of being lazy and doing nothing; it’s a mentality of growth, learning and moving forward. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or restless – take some time for yourself so you can come back to work more productive than ever before.

Create Boundaries with Other People in Your Life So You Can Take Care of Your Business While Still Giving Them Attention

Perfectionists tend to think that there’s never enough time in the day, so much so that we aren’t socially available because we’re always working. Instead of talking on the phone while also sending emails, tell friends and family that you are unavailable during work time so that you can be there for them 100% whenever work’s over. When personal and work time spill into each other, you won’t have the work-life balance you’re craving, and you’ll end up stretched too thin. 

Tomorrow is a New Day

Not all days will be perfect, and that’s okay. If something doesn’t go as planned, tomorrow is another day. Perfectionists tend to have a hard time letting go of past mistakes, making us dwell on everything that went wrong and wishing it hadn’t happened. We may even beat ourselves up mentally for doing something we shouldn’t have done in the first place. Perfection isn’t real (and neither is failure for that matter). So when something happens, don’t get too down on yourself. Tomorrow is a fresh day to course correct.


Perfectionists have a hard time accepting that we make mistakes and that it’s not the end of the world. Perfection is unattainable, so instead of trying to strive for something perfect; strive for excellence and greatness. By cutting through analysis paralysis and giving yourself grace, you’ll create better results in your business, a happier home life without momma guilt, and ultimately peace for yourself. Need some pointers on how to let go of the perfectionist mentality? Let’s talk about it! Schedule a breakthrough call today.


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