As an entrepreneur, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your business in addition to those of your daily life. I’m right there with you. Between running Fit to Profit, being an active partner of another major project, writing a book, and still finding time to take care of my family, I get pretty wiped out.

And when you’re wiped out, it’s really easy to be irritable. Like my daughter drawing her newest portrait installment on my walls. But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how handling these personal triggers actually shows what I’m made of when it comes to business.

Am I really easily angered or stressed out any time something doesn’t go my way? Or can I stay centered and quickly find a solution to the problem? Because agility and resilience are actually what makes successful entrepreneurs. Being able to think on your feet and improvise when necessary when feedback or failure arises.

Here are some of my favorite tips for re-centering and moving forward, even when life gets crazy or isn’t going your way.

Take a Deep Breath

Whether you’re a decision-making pro or just starting to work on your reactions, always taking a deep breath before dealing with the situation at hand is a good practice to maintain. Gather your thoughts, make sure nothing you are about to say or do has a negative or detrimental impact on others, and then move forward. Plus you’ll feel a little more centered and empowered.

Identify Causes and Solutions

Take a solution-based approach to personal stress, much as you might when solving a business challenge. Start by thinking about the main things making you stressed. Next, decide on your goal or desired end-state. Finally, figure out how to get there from your current situation.

Learn and Improve

Just because you had a set-back doesn’t mean it was all bad. Failure is one of the entrepreneur’s greatest teachers. Improving your resilience is not about trying to harden yourself and ignoring stress. Instead it’s actually about learning to take what you’ve learned from situations and pivoting with it.

I hope this helps! Need help getting centered and managing your overwhelm? Follow me on Instagram or Facebook, join the Authentic Entrepreneurs group, or let’s set some time to chat about a customized plan, just for you. 

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