Christa Davis – 2020

Christa Davis

Robin Bourdeau

Terri Fischer

One of the greatest honest honors for me to work with Dedee Cai. She helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life. I was trying to find my voice and vision and did not know where to start. Through her coaching I was able to discover what was blocking me was the belief in myself. She also helped me identify my passions and ultimately identify my voice and vision. I was unable to see my strength, and talents, and by sharing my experiences with Dee, she helped me acknowledge just how strong I am and resilient I am. She helped me pinpointing what lit me up – which is helping others. And not just helping others, just to help them, but using my knowledge through my experiences to help others with similar backgrounds like myself. The time spent working with Dedee was well spent. I not only learned about myself, but I also made a lifelong friend.
Alberta McKnight

International Senior Development Professional

First, Dedee is an amazing human. Her story and journey as a woman in business is so inspiring and relatable. She not only brings a wealth of knowledge but is so humble and exudes grounding energy that gives you hope in the most trying times.

Dedee’s guidance and unshakeable belief in me have given way to an abundance of personal and spiritual growth in my life. She provided me with tools to build the confidence I need to mentally, physically, and financially elevate to the next level. My business has reached new heights that I could not have even imagined and continues to steadily grow.

My experience with Dedee has truly changed the way that I think about myself and my business for the positive. I will treasure all her lessons for a lifetime.

Katrina Young

CEO, Almedia’s Garden

For the first year of running my business, I was attacked by advice from every direction every time I opened my phone or attended an event. The advice was often contradictory, and it was hard to tell what I should do. I knew I needed accountability and someone to help me address my mindset challenges – I was also worried about losing sight of what mattered most in pursuit of the wrong kinds of success.

I met DeDee at a networking event and was immediately struck by her poise and intelligence. When I signed up for coaching with her, it was a huge investment – more than I’d spent on anything for my business up to that point. But I knew I wanted to work with her.

We’ve been working together for over a year, and DeDee has been instrumental in keeping me grounded as I’ve navigated a pregnancy and being the primary caregiver to an infant while being a business owner. This year, I was able to cut my hours in half but still grow my business by over 60%. DeDee has helped me plan strategically, begin to see myself as a CEO, and block out the noise from all the advice swirling around me. I am grateful to know her and would highly recommend her programs to anyone seeking a coach who can help them build a profitable business while growing personally.

Ashlee Berghoff

CEO, A Squared Online