Podcast: AWE! Awesome Women Entrepreneurs

Episode 99 | 10/11/2018

Insightful interview with DeDee Cai, founder and CEO of Fit to Profit. DeDee came from Vietnam as a child and grew up right here in Falls Church. When she started working after college, she quickly realized she wanted to do things differently. She took the time to really dig deep and find her purpose. What she found is her gift for clearing out the head-trash and helping her clients prepare and find success! Our lives, health, wellbeing AND businesses are holistic and reflections of our inner spirit and intentions. DeDee is also considering starting an AWE chapter in Old Town Alexandria. She wants to spread her positivity and good fortune and create a hyper-local community of women business owners. That’s what AWE is all about! We’re here for you!

DeDee Cai shares her story and why she started Fit To Profit with Becon Werking Ask Me Anything.

Podcast: Monster Theory

Episode 008

Dedee Cai, is an expert in teaching leaders and entrepreneurs how to position their compass so they can tap into their truest self and excel by being physical, mentally and spiritually fit. She is the owner of Fit to Profit and Dedee is not only gifted in helping leaders and entrepreneurs reset their compass, but she also helps them confront and overcome their greatest fears and challenges, fondly known as their monsters, so they can be successful in every aspect of their lives.

She’s going to help us better understand how our health, wellbeing and dreams (whether it’s entrepreneurship or extraprenuership (meaning we crave for something more, a little extra) are all interwoven. Oh my goodness… is this going to be good! NOW… let’s get right to it!!


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