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We’re entrepreneurs, just like you. We know what it takes to succeed.

DeDee Cai

You’re more than your business

You didn’t start your business to be a taskmaster or create a job for yourself. You have unique skills and talents and have a desire to serve your ideal clients.

You went into business to create a life. A life on your terms, that supports whichever lifestyle you choose, allowing you more time for family, friends, and the creation of a legacy.

In order to show up fully for your customers and clients you need to show up fully for yourself. We’ll customize a strategy that supports all of you, all while driving leads and sales for your business, creating leverage in your life.

Meet our Founder, DeDee Cai

Our founder, DeDee Cai started Fit to Profit with the intention to help business owners create leverage, scale revenue, and make sure their business supports the lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to create.

Raised with the same thing many of us are taught (work hard and the money will follow), DeDee graduated college and went the corporate route only to realize it left her unfulfilled.

After opening a restaurant with her Mom, DeDee was left feeling burnt out with negative feelings.

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Who We Are & How We Help

We’re not just another digital marketing agency.

We start with YOU, the business owner, and how your business fits into your life as well as where you’re headed.

In order to show up for your customers and clients, you need to show up for yourself first.

We start by having a strategy call where we dive deep into where you are today. Through the Fit to Profit Assessment and strategy call we’ll designate a starting point and unpack your opportunities.

Your custom strategy will be structured around an actionable plan, private business coaching, and a done-for-you service with our strategic partners (you’ll work directly with our partners but we manage it all for you).

Turning Your Vision Into a Profitable Reality

When you work with our business development coach, you choose to shatter each obstacle in your path, in both business and your life.

This is why we start with an assessment of your business today. We need to know exactly where you are and where you want to go so we can create a strategy that is unique to you and how your business supports your life.

We focus on ALL of you.

Not just your business.

You deserve to be the best version of yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

With a solid business development coaching and consulting foundation, your wealth will grow, and you will reclaim mastery over your destiny.

Christa Davis – 2020

Discover Your Joy. Claim Your Voice.

One of the greatest honest honors for me is I get to work with Dedee Cai. She helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life. I was lost, stuck and frustrated, and did not know where to start. Through her coaching I was able to discover what was blocking me, the belief in myself. She also helped me identify my passion and ultimately, I was able to discover my voice and vision. I was unable to see my strength, and talents, and by working with DeDee, I was able to see how strong and resilient I am. She helped me find my purpose and what lights me up – which is helping others. And not just helping others, just to help them, but using my knowledge and experiences to transform their lives. The time spent working with Dedee was well spent. I not only learned so many important lessons about myself, but I also made a lifelong friend.

-Alberta McKnight
International Senior Development Professional

From Zero to 6 Figure

I started working with DeDee when I launched my coaching business, and within 18 months of working together, I built a 6-figure practice that is continuing to grow today. DeDee believed in me and my abilities from the start, and taught me how to become a true and confident CEO. Today, I have a bigger vision for my business than I ever thought was possible. I’m serving my DREAM clients, doing meaningful work I love, while building a business that gives me the freedom to lead the life I want.

-Christa Davis
CEO of Christa Davis Coaching

Work Less Earn More

I met DeDee at a networking event and was immediately struck by her poise and intelligence. When I signed up for coaching with her, it was a huge investment – more than I’d spent on anything for my business up to that point. But I knew I wanted to work with her.

We’ve been working together for over a year, and DeDee has been instrumental in keeping me grounded as I’ve navigated a pregnancy and being the primary caregiver to an infant while being a business owner. This year, I was able to cut my hours in half but still grow my business by over 60%. DeDee has helped me plan strategically, begin to see myself as a CEO, and block out the noise from all the advice swirling around me. I am grateful to know her and would highly recommend her programs to anyone seeking a coach who can help them build a profitable business while growing personally.

-Ashlee Berghoff
CEO of A Squared Online
Author of Eureka Results

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